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Brawny’s Bootcamp

All ability outdoor fitness Bootcamp in Northampton

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Brawny’s Bootcamp

Brawny’s Bootcamp is a bootcamp held outside in Kingsthorpe, Northampton

Bootcamp is where my business started and is an area that I particularly love. Bootcamp is on come rain or shine!

Bootcamp caters for ALL abilities; we have a wonderful friendly community and most importantly we have a laugh.

Bootcamps for all ages and all abilities Bootcamps for all ages and all abilities Bootcamps for all ages and all abilities

Every session is different, we use a wide variety of equipment from kettlebells to sandbags to battleropes and more.
One thing is for sure, you’ll never get bored.

Bootcamp is a fully coached session, all movements are clearly demonstrated and your form is monitored throughout the session. If you are new to exercise or getting back into it, there are always scaling options available for movements so no need to worry there. If you’re a more experienced fitness fanatic then heavier weights and up scaling options are also available to push you to your max!

Bootcamps for all ages and all abilities Bootcamps for all ages and all abilities Bootcamps for all ages and all abilities

All outside Bootcamp is £6 pay as you go and can be booked using the following link: »

A Brawny's Bootcamp Testimonial:

Michelle Michelle Michelle

I started Bootcamp in Buckingham with Alice about three and a half years ago. I was overweight, unfit and miserable to be perfectly honest!

It was absolutely terrifying turning up not knowing what to expect, not wanting to hold people up because I was so unfit and slow. I needn’t have worried though as I was made to feel very welcome and Alice tailored each exercise to my (lack) of ability. Within two months of starting I noticed a massive difference in my fitness and my confidence too. I also had much more energy and felt so much happier. It was very noticeable to my husband too, who said I was like a different wife!

Alice eventually decided to open her ‘shack’ over in Northampton and asked if I would like to give it a go. I jumped at the chance to learn new things and was soon learning how to do things with weights that previously I wouldn’t have thought I could lift with help, let alone by myself. The atmosphere in the shack is fantastic, not only is it more personal as there are only a few in each session but everyone is so encouraging and can also have a good laugh with each other! I absolutely love my shack sessions.

Since starting with Alice I have taken part in many running events, including two half marathons please note before before I couldn’t even run 10 metres let alone 13 miles!!!! I have done a muddy obstacle course with other the other Bootcampers, in which I faced my biggest fear of open water. The sense of achievement after that was amazing!

I honestly cannot thank Alice enough for improving my life in all areas and making exercise so enjoyable. She has genuinely transformed my life.

- Michelle, 40 ish

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Brawny's Bootcamp welcomes everyone

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